Hope Is a Waking Dream


It amazes me how much having something to look forward to can change my entire mood and life outlook. Even without achieving anything tangible, the possibility that I may be able to do so changes everything. Nowadays, the smallest things feel like a lifeline to cling to.

When a friend contacts me to say hello and wants to get together, I find myself so much more excited than I remember getting in the past. I look forward to being able to get out of my apartment, the potential for mischief, new conversations, and new scenery. If I hear about a good new book, videogame, or movie, holy moly! That means potential HOURS of something different to do!

Most of all, I value the instances that give me hope. When I think about potential life-changing circumstances, I am able to dream of what a new career could lead to and mean for my happiness. The ability to spark a daydream is highly underrated – it means the world.

Day 28 – 33 of Unemployment: When I was feeling my most hopeless last week on Thursday, I received a call for a second interview in regards to the one interview I’ve had. On Friday, I was contacted in regards to a phone interview.

Finally hearing back from jobs I’d applied for, even though it is only two companies out of many, made for the most euphoric weekend I’d had in ages. I felt as though that aforementioned raincloud had decided to drift away for a while, and I enjoyed a worry-free few days.

I had my phone interview today. It was more of a precursory screening for a position with a huge international consulting firm, and I was told that many people had applied, and even fewer would receive an actual in-person interview. Not certain what will come of that phone call.

My second interview is on Wednesday. My favorite part about it, aside from the potential to finally get a new job, is I received an assignment in conjunction with the interview. I had to prepare sample creative and a marketing plan for an event, and it was the first “work” (aside from the chore of job applications) that I’ve been able to do in a month! It felt great. No, call me crazy, but it felt fun. I was so eager to be doing something productive that I finished very early, so I’m not going to send it to the company until tomorrow. I then have to present my plan at the interview. I feel confident that I came up with something really appealing. I love it, so all I can do is hope that the people who interview me love it, too. It is down to myself and one other candidate…hopefully this other person is not as creative as I am 😛 I feel anxious, but for once, it is in a good way. I am doing my best to push away the worry of choice – I am afraid of choosing the wrong job, but I remind myself continually that at the moment, it is more important to worry about getting a job, period!

I am afraid that if I am not offered this position, I will go back to feeling completely despondent, but again, just having that opportunity to “hope for the best” changes everything. If we have hope, at least we have something.

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
~Langston Hughes

One response to “Hope Is a Waking Dream

  1. Glad you have a couple places interested in you! The signs are good that you are a getting follow-up phone and an assignment opportunity. Wish you the best. Keep your chin‘“ up.

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