Cabin Fever

When you’re stuck at home every day, “relaxing activities” get old VERY quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever had cabin fever this badly…each day is starting to feel like the same thing over and over. Job hunting and applying to anything I see, pool on the one out of 7 days the sun is out and it’s not raining, reading a book, watching tv or a movie, gym, cooking, writing…my apartment is starting to feel like a prison.

Recently I haven’t felt sad so much as aggravated and fidgety. I am used to running myself ragged, so I suppose that on the positive end of things, I am the best-rested I’ve been in a decade. However, I am also not accustomed to not having an interesting life filled with some sort of adventure. If anyone reads this and has suggestions of ways to entertain myself that don’t involve spending money, please feel free to comment!


Day 21 & 22 of Unemployment:  Right after I posted on Tuesday, I received a call for an interview at the business I mentioned. I completed it this morning…I think that it went well, but the ladies who interviewed me were impossible to read. If I get chosen as a final candidate, I will get called back for a second interview in two weeks. Two weeks is an eternity to me at the moment!

I will hope for the best and continue to keep looking and applying. I miss being productive very badly. I’m trying to switch up my routine today and go to the gym later at night. In the meantime, I simply can’t sit still. Perhaps next I need to start my own YouTube channel and sing covers of other people’s songs like millions of other people are doing.

I hate feeling like I’m wasting my time, so my next project is to find more to do and take advantage of my circumstances. “Tomorrow’s way too far away, and we can’t get back yesterday.” I may never have this much free time ever again, so I need to figure out a way to utilize it!

4 responses to “Cabin Fever

  1. You could try teaching yourself an instrument. Buy a used guitar cheap at a pawn shop and watch instructional videos on YouTube. It’s hard to master, but it’s easy to learn the basics.

    • That is an excellent suggestion! I played piano for many years, so I already know how to read sheet music. Thank you, I will have to start looking around…I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but I didn’t think of utilizing YouTube 🙂

  2. Keep writing! I’ve enjoyed your good-natured ranting and observations of your new reality. You have a lot of talent, a good heart and enjoy an occasional evening of heavy drinking. Something to be appreciated, really.
    Regarding something to do, yodeling or basket weaving or BOTH could kill a couple hours a day. At the end of the day you could gather fruit and entertain your neighbors.

    • Thanks! I’m glad that someone is enjoying my complaints 😉 It has been nice writing for pleasure again…I think I am most grateful for that. I never had time with my work schedule, and it’s a wonderful outlet for me. I might get into some creative writing again, as well.

      As for yodeling and basket weaving, that WOULD be an opportunity to get in touch with both my Native American and German roots…I think I’d have to gather herbs, that’s about all I could grow in a balcony garden, haha!

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