The American Dream

Happy Independence Day, everyone. Today, I have been thinking a lot about our “land of opportunity.” The US has long been viewed as a country where dreams come true. I have to wonder, how do we compare to other nations these days? I know that world-wide, the economy is pretty terrible at the moment. As a US citizen, I am certainly grateful for my rights and freedom, but I find myself negatively viewing the possibility of dream fulfillment. Aspirations are supposed to be obtained through hard work overall, but it is difficult to stay hopeful when you are working hard and getting no where. Our society portrays an unrealistic and highly unattainable ideal with our glorification of money and celebrities. The frustrating part about many people who represent this ideal is that they have NOT worked hard for what the have…they were born to or knew the right people. Our reality television shows entertain us by paying people to act horribly, degrade others, and make fools of themselves. I was watching a show the other evening about a group of people looking to break a record by building an 800 pound cheeseburger. They were successful, but it was largely inedible, and I found myself thinking about the embarrassing wastefulness. There are children in our country who are lucky to get one meal a day, yet tv shows are being filmed around squandering 800 pounds of food. When did our country become so unbalanced on the scale of those who have and those who have not?


Day 14 and 15 of Unemployment: I have been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to have what I do, but am also becoming increasingly anxious about how I am going to pay my bills if I don’t find a job soon. I have continued to apply to as many jobs as I can find…also went ahead and applied for unemployment, because at this point I know I will minimally be applying to two jobs a week, as I feel desperate for whatever I can get. So far, I have applied to jobs that I would genuinely love to have, however…I really hope to hear back from at least one of them before I end up resorting to the jobs I would hate and that wouldn’t pay enough to keep the bills paid…not sure what to do in that situation. Maybe work 2 or 3 jobs? The waiting game is killing me! Realistically, it hasn’t been very long and I know that Human Resources tends to take a while at most places of business, but of course it feels like forever to me. The frustrating part is, I want to work so badly. There are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t be so phased by unemployment, because it means they don’t have to work. I like to stay productive.

The biggest battle continues to be with myself. Outside of job searching, I am trying to stop worrying but failing rather miserably lately. At least today I was able to get to the pool as it was the first day without rain in ages. And even though I’m spending the holiday by myself, at least I have plenty of food (and alcohol) – for many, that means I’ve already reached the “American Dream.” Trying to stay thankful for what I have!

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